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Carrie Underwood Masks Up to Get a Haircut for the 1st Time in ‘6 Months’

Carrie Underwood is just like Us! The 37-year-old waited a long time to get her hair done professionally amid the COVID-19 pandemic — but now she feels like a million bucks with her new ‘do. The country star took to her Instagram Story on Saturday, August 15, to give her nearly 10 million followers a

Teamwork! See Which Celeb Couples Do Each Other’s Hair — Including Haircuts, Hair Dye and Root Touch-Up!

Teamwork is the key to success, especially when it comes to experimenting with a box of hair dye or a daring at-home haircut. No amount of YouTube videos or instruction manuals is as helpful as having another person there to keep you from making a grave mistake. The perfect person to recruit to do yo

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