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Instagram Accounts Expose Racism at L.A.’s Elite Schools

Students and alumni from the most elite private schools in the Los Angeles area have launched Instagram accounts aimed at racial injustice. Mostly anonymous posters have been recounting racism they experienced at schools like Harvard-Westlake, Marlborough, Flintridge-Sacred Heart, Buckley, and Dear

FB Execs Ignored Research Showing Instagram’s Algorithm Banned Black Users Much More Than White Ones: NBC

Internal research from Instagram found that a test of proposed rules for one of the social network’s moderation algorithms automatically banned Black users 50 percent more than white ones in mid-2019, NBC News reports. The program is one of several steps in evaluating and responding to reports of ha

FBI Used Instagram, Poshmark to Track Down Philadelphia Protester Accused of Setting Police Car on Fire

The FBI used social media to track down a masked Philadelphia protester who allegedly lit a police car on fire during a May 30 protest. Agents tracked Lore-Elisabeth Blumenthal starting with photos of the moment she allegedly set the car on fire that were posted to Instagram. The photos led agents t

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