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In-depth Explanation of Pauper Commander (Mtg fringe format) - video dailymotion

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Fringe format "Pauper Commander" explained; what is it all about? Why is it better than other fringe formats? Why should you play it too? Sit back and relax and learn everything there is to know about the basics of Pauper Commander in detail. For those with a shorter attention span, here is a quicker version of the same video with much less detail: Notes: 0:02 "SHORT video" omg ignore that lol. Well I guess everything is relative. It's short compared to a feature length film ;) 7:29 Maybe "rigid" was not the best word choice because there are still a lot of options. But it is perhaps more rigid than pauper commander 19:42 - "Let me know in the description" I meant to say "in the comments". I don't know why I mix these up sometimes lol LINKS: Card Databases: Sorry there was a 1000 character limit on Dailymotion so I couldn't fit all the rest of the links.

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