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Mike Ditka’s Daughter Megan Ditka is Married to Ronald Alan Hawes

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Megan Ditka is the only daughter of Mike Ditka who is married to Ronald A Hawes since 1990. Mike Ditka, a former football player of America, aka Iron Mike later served as a coach and sports commentator. Iron Mike had married twice: with Margery(1961) and Diana Trantham in 1977. Mike has four children; three sons Michael Ditka, Mark Ditka, Matt Ditka, and daughter Megan Ditka. The player had played for National League’s Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, and Philadelphia Eagles. Mike also had worked as a head coach for the National Football League’s Chicago Bears (19682-1992). Iron Mike is also an actor, recognized for Entourage, UP Michigan and Kicking & Screaming.

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