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CNC Hybrid Press Brake Machine Introduction

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CNC Hybrid Press Brake Machine Introduction
SHENCHONG 2019 New Product: Servo Hybrid CNC Press Brake
Advantages of CNC Hybrid Servo Press Brake
The frame has excellent rigidity and stability.
High precision, energy saving and low noise.
Brand new design in appearance. Small space occupation.
The operation is more stable, reliable and safe.
Good for manufacturing large stroke, ultra-high-speed metal bending equipment.
Servo motor as main drive to achieve better energy-saving performance; Mute (under 25 decibels), ultra-low energy consumption; save more than 70% energy.
The oil temperature is stable, which is conducive to continuous operation for a long time; extend the service life of each part of the hydraulic system and greatly improves the user working environment.
Bring significant cost savings and improve the working environment especially from energy conservation and environmental protection aspect.

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