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New Amazon FBA Fees Explained: How Much Does Amazon FBA Cost 2019? - Pricing Breakdown - YouTube

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In this detailed Amazon FBA Fees video, Ankitha will guide you through all the new and updated Amazon fees changes for 2019. There have been quite a few changes from the 2018 FBA fees, so pay attention!

This video will give you an understanding of how you can go about estimating the fees and all the additional costs that are required to jump on to the Amazon FBA program!

Topics of discussion -

- Amazon Fulfilment Fees
a) Size and Weight of the product (product dimensions)
- Standard Size
- Oversize
b) Channel(s) on which the product is sold
- Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MC)
- Amazon-exclusive products

- Monthly Inventory Storage Fees
a) Semi-Annual
b) Long-Term
c) Minimum Long-Term

- Additional Amazon Fees
a) Monthly Selling Fees
b) Referral Fees (Seller Fees)
c) Returns Processing Fees
d) Stock Removal Fees
e) FBA Inventory Placement Service Fees
d) Amazon FBA Export Fees
e)Amazon FBA Revenue Calculation
f)Amazon FBA Calculator Tool

BONUS FEATURE - Free Amazon FBA Calculator chrome extension by SellerApp -

a) Checkout this Free FBA Calculator Extension:


Tool to estimate your sales -

With this free tool, you can easily calculate all the FBA fees for any product. With the newest 2019 fees update, you can also analyze your product to understand if it has decent product margins.





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